Welcome to Sports Turf Services

Ross Rivers Enterprises was incorporated in 1980. It has been an interesting road for the last 42 years, including the design, development, operation and maintenance of dozens of golf courses and recreational turf facilities on the Island and the lower mainland.

Over the years we have developed revolutionary construction and maintenance methodology. In recent years, our firm has also become prominent in the sports field construction and renovation industry. Ross Rivers Enterprises continues to lead the turfgrass industry with innovative sports turf construction and renovation services. Ross was hired by UVIC to train and certify staff in turf-grass equipment operation and safety, and we currently contract and consult with numerous cities and school boards on the island to ensure their fields are on track with the best maintenance protocols and procedures.

Fraise Mowing
The process of removing the top layer of field to created a better environment for plant strength and a more durable playing surface

Sports field construction methods have come a long way, as have the many and varied methods of correcting unsatisfactory fields. Our firm has devised three categories of sports field services, specialized custom maintenance, new construction, and quick turn around sports turf renovation. Specialized custom maintenance utilizes the full line up of all our specialized equipment including the services of, deep shatter tine aeration, top dressing of sand and other amendments, over seeding, thatch management, up to 100% thatch removal, solving issues around poor turf quality or weed proliferation.

The difference i n aesthetic and functional quality for fields who use these services is undeniable. Soil exchange programs are also used for fields requiring more dramatic adjustment to the soil profile without disrupting play. We contract specialized maintenance to a large percentage of municipalities, golf courses and independent fields on the Island and Lower Mainland.