Fraise Mowing

Field Top Maker

The field Top Maker by Koro works like a turf planer. It strips the organics off the surface, and will remove up to 100% of thatch in your sports turf. Fraise mowing is a new technique to the sports turf industry. We are able to Fraise mow turf, then seed into the remaining organic bed left behind. This will rid your turf grass of all weed grasses, and Thatch problems. You will have brand new Sports turf in less than 7 weeks. This a great new technique Being used, and is growing exponentially in the industry.

Field Top Maker allows for Quick Turn around for Turf with Weed Grass problems and Thatch problems. We remove the majority of the thatch layer which is causing the problems with drainage, new growth, etc. We fraise mow right down until there is ¾ of an inch of thatch left, then seed into that with our winning seed combination. This will have your sports turf turned back around, and looking amazing within 7 weeks.

Check out this presentation on Fraise mowing!