The Concept

Our newest Concept is sports turf renovation. We remove 100% of the organics using our new Field Top Maker by Koro. We then blend sand and other amendments into the grow medium using our Rotodarin Soil Renovator. From there we heavily seed using our custom winning blend of seed. The RotaDairon Soil Renovator, and Field Top Maker by Koro, are amazing machines. They have re-invented field renovation and even new construction, and are exclusive to Western Canada with Ross Rivers Ent. With one pass of the Field Top Maker, existing unsatisfactory turf is planed off, either by Fraise mowing, or by 100% Organic removal. The Rotodarin Soil Renovator buries sticks, stones and debris 6 inches below the surface. A perfect seedbed remains. The RotaDairon and Field Top Maker revolutionizing the industry, not only in terms of practicality and effectiveness, but also in dramatic cost and time savings. Successful examples of this include Carnaven Park and Oaklands Field in Victoria, Pacific Academy in Surrey, and Nanaimo Hornets Rugby Club in Nanaimo.

The RotaDairon and Field Top Maker are especially effective for fields with adequate grade, slope, and irrigation. For fields lacking these basic elements, or new construction sites, our firm's experience is unparalleled. Our first golf course project was in 1976, Rutherford golf course in Nanaimo. Our first sports field construction project was the Wheatshief Sports Complex in Nanaimo in 1986. Other more recent projects include the playing fields at Errington and Arrowview Elementary Schools, in Errington and Qualicum Beach, and Serauxmen stadium in Nanaimo. We are fully equipped with shaping and finishing equipment, seeders, and a laser grading system. Ross's 40 years of golf course design and shaping experience assures professional sports turf. Deep Tine Aeration, Top Dressing, Slit over seeding, roller compact over Seeding are all services we offer to build custom specialized maintenance programs to solve every different sports turf specific issues. With staff certified in turf grass management, we also offer complete fertilization, management, and IPM programs by contract, and offer independent consultation. We are committed to your field's success.